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Step Into Your Vision

Top Business Leaders Share Their Goal-Setting Secrets

This is a collection of the most IMPACTFUL goal-setting secrets that will provide you with the techniques and strategies to achieve your goals and bring more joy and happiness to you and your family. Step Into Your Vision is jam packed with golden nuggets from people just like you… people who had health challenges, incredible financial setbacks, heart-breaking life experiences, yet they achieved their goals and created a better life. It s like Chicken Soup for the Soul meets The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People! in this POWERFUL book. It features the most incredible stories and lessons of 32 Top Experts that can change your destiny. This is the book you have been waiting for! It s time to turn your goals into reality and Step into YOUR VISION!!

45 Minute Business Breakthrough

How To Find 10K In Any Business In 45 Minutes

Learn how to find an additional 10K-50K in your business in 45 minutes with these unique stratigies that most companies are not taking advantage of and find it without spending money on advertising.


Annette — Nice chapter. Well written. Your personal example makes it come alive. It’s a process that works. Rock on!

Jack Canfield
Jack Canfield Companies

No matter where you find yourself in life, Annette lays out 10 crucial steps that will take you where you want to go joyfully & powerfully.

Douglas S Nelson
#1 Best Selling Author of Catch Fire; How to Ignite your Own Economy

Annette’s new book Step Into Your Vision is chock full of practical, timeless tips for a successful, balanced life. It’s a roadmap for creating the life you are meant to live, laid out in easy, clear steps. Annette has studied with the best minds in the business, and draws from many different success philosophies, as well as her own personal experience – giving the reader a broad array of tools for moving forward happily in life.

Beth Lawrence
Owner – Viva La Voice;
Broadway Composer;
and Author of From Shower To Stage….7 Easy Steps for Singing Like A Pro!

Annette gives solid, practical steps in moving forward in your life in a big way. She tells the story of her own journey as an example of the profound changes that you can make when you have a good guide. As a client who has benefited greatly from Annette’s coaching, I heartily recommend following the steps she lays out in this book.

Sandra Malbon
Mentor, Author & Speaker, Joyful Journey Mentoring

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